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The boardgamebox is a universal board game storage box. Depending on the inlay and added boxes and bags for accessories this box can hold a number of games of a certain series. We have begun producing boardgameboxes suitable for keeping The Settlers of Catan board games and the expansions for this game. The boardgameboxes for the Settlers of Catan are now available, and boardgameboxes for the Dominion games series are being developed.  Depending on the demand for boardgameboxes for other games we will develop other versions of the boardgamebox.

The boardgamebox is available in the colors ‘White’ and ‘Caramel. Its size is 50 x 36 x 11 centimeters. A specially developed inlay has been added to the bottom, so that game accessories can be stored in an organized manner. In the lid of the box there is room for game manuals and other things. The bottom part and lid both have a black velour finishing. In order to make the box portable it has a leather handle. Depending on the version of the boadgamebox bags and boxes are added for the game boards, pieces, etc.

New! The boardgamebox, suitable for all Settlers of Catan board games

A ‘must have’ for every Settlers of Catan fan!

This boardgamebox can be used to store the Settlers of Catan as well as all of its expansions. With the box come 10 small bags that can hold all the game pieces. For the cards there are four stackable card boxes, two of which have transparent lids. The bags and boxes also have velour finishing, just like the inside of the boardgamebox, which ensures a matching appearance!